Product Info

Be In Full Control 
Improves stability and accuracy
   Reduces aiming over-travel 
    Dampens stopping noises

Never Lose Your Target
FPSAIMASSIST increases both accuracy and precision by offering resistance
in the opposite direction you are aiming your controller sticks. FPSAIMASSIST
gives you more control and prevents over aiming and having to make
constant small re adjustments.

Acquisition of targets becomes much easier, faster and smoother With FPSAIMASISST.

                                               Game Time Aiming

Constant over aiming and controller                            Smooth accurate control and

readjustment WITHOUT FPS AIM ASSIST                    stability WITH FPS AIM ASSIST


Can something be precise but not accurate? Or accurate but not precise?
The short answer here is YES. Accuracy is defined as the degree of
exactness, and precision means the degree of reproducibility. The most
common analogy used to explain the difference between accuracy and
precision is the series of targets shown below.

Measurements are depicted by shots at the targets. Accuracy is described
as closeness of the shots to the bull's eye at the centre of the target. Shots
closer to the bull's eye are considered more accurate. Alternatively,
precision is described by the size of a cluster of shots. When all shots are
tightly grouped, the cluster is considered more precise
(even if not necessarily the bull's eye)